THEORY: Zuckerberg’s repetition-induced nostalgia for the 1840s has led to the death of a bison

by Lindsey

If we sighfully accept pop culture g.u.r.u Chuck Klosterman’s latest theory that nostalgia comes not from any real appreciation of something, but rather from “inadvertent-yet-dogged” repeated exposure to that something… then nostalgia for a 90s-era video game may have led to the death of a bison.

The way I see it, young Mark Zuckerberg, like most of our generation did, shot way too many bison to feed his growing party forging the Oregon Trail. Even though this game was not good, we’re nostalgic for the hours we spent shooting up the plains from the safety of sterile computer labs. If repeated exposure to something during our childhoods leads to nostalgia for it as adults, and if easy nostalgia induces happiness, and if money buys happiness, then it follows that a billionaire like Zuckerberg would put time and effort into joining an Oregon Trail-style hunting trip. “Remember when” is the lowest form of conversation, and now it has killed a mighty, mighty tender bison.