THEORY: PR stunts do not sustainability initiatives make

by Lindsey

Deloitte recently released a research report, Sustainable Finance: The risks and opportunities that (some) CFOs are overlooking, based on interviews with 208 CFOs about their level of involvement in the sustainability strategies of multi-billion-dollar corporations.

While it’s not surprising to hear that many CFOs “have not yet fully engaged” with the “risks and opportunities” presented by the “sustainability imperative”, I was tickled to see some country-level differentiation between CFOs in China and South Africa (emphasis mine):

South Africa and China represent two examples of the diversity among countries. Perhaps because of South Africa’s King III Code on corporate governance, CFOs surveyed there were most likely to identify themselves as being responsible for sustainability strategy, and to anticipate seeking external support for integrated reporting … and assurance. … Chinese respondents were least likely to name the CFO as responsible for sustainability strategy (overwhelmingly naming PR/investor relations).

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