THEORY: One of you will publish in The Baffler by 2016

by Lindsey

The MIT Press have just announced that they’re adding The Baffler to their journals program, and will fund 15 issues over the next five years. This means the publication will (finally) be published regularly, that contributors will be paid and that you writers should update your bucket lists.

According to John Summers (see TNR profile), now The Baffler’s owner and editor, the first year is going to be one for the wonks:

The first year of the returning Baffler will consist of an election-year trilogy. The first issue that will appear in March 2012 is nearly complete, Summers said. Its contents will include essays by Rick Perlstein, Thomas Frank, and Barbara Ehrenreich, and a short story by Lyudmila Petrushevskaya. Three sections new to The Baffler will appear, too: “Lives of the Pundits,” a series of mock profiles; “Ancestors,” reprints with commentaries of authors such as Henry David Thoreau, Oscar Wilde, and Paul Lafargue; and the self-explanatory “Robber Barons.”